A through bath with the choice of shampoo depending on coat


Due to the diversity of breeds we conduct an initial assessment of your dog at the beginning of the appointment to determine what is needed, discuss it with you and determine the cost.

Prices depend on:
Breed – Size
Coat Condition – Type of Coat

Drying comes next. We do not cage dry.

Client’s choice of services
If other factors, such as fleas, are found during grooming, Jessica will determine appropriate services to complete the groom, which may incur additional charges.

Average Groom price range:
Under 30 lbs – $25 to $65
Over 30 lbs – $ 35 to $100


Clipper to desired length.

Ear cleaning included but plucking only by client/Vet request.

Grooming may consist of all or some of the following:
Bath & brush out
Hair cut
Feet, face & sanitary area trim
Nail trim
(nail grinding/Dremel by request)

Scissoring the details

Additional Services Available:

Nail Trimming
Flea Bath & Information
De-matting for each 15 minutes
Deodorizing Bath
Services and Pricing subject to change without notice.  


A clean, well groomed dog is a happy dog!

Finishing with a nail trim and/or Dremel